Summer Series 2014

WHAT: The FAA Summer Series is Fredericksburg All Ages' annual outdoor concert series celebrating music and community in Fredericksburg.

WHERE: Fredericksburg All Ages' 3rd annual outdoor summer concert series will be held at two different locations (addresses below): Louder plugged-in shows at our usual location in Market Square downtown, and quieter unplugged acoustic shows at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.

WHEN: Concerts take place each Thursday in June and July from 6:30pm to 9pm and are free, all-ages, family-friendly.

June 5th @ Market Square
Arctic Atlantic
The Saviors

June 12th @ LibertyTown
Cat Be Damned
Die Curious
Velvet Elephant

June 19th @ Market Square
Atoms Apart
Dilemma Uncovered

June 26th @ LibertyTown
Alex Van Horn
Dickard & Sons
Karen Jonas

July 3rd @ Market Square
The Inflatables
Day By Day
Tyler Lubore & The Discontinued Models

July 10th @ LibertyTown
The Lonely Hands

July 17th @ Market Square
The Crypts! Party
Set to Sail

July 24th @ LibertyTown
Madonnas in a Field
Devin Sullivan

Market Square is:
Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center
1001 Princess Anne St.
Fredericksburg, VA

LibertyTown Arts Workshop is:
916 Liberty St.
Fredericksburg, VA

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