The First Post!

A Task Long Procrastinated Suddenly Finds Itself Accomplished!

    Hello readers! I'm Alex and I guess I'm going to be doing the blogging around these parts! I've been meaning to post this since we first launched the new site (which was a long time ago) and I've finally gotten around to it.

    A lot of stuff has happened since then though; for one, Studio 15 was launched at Libertytown Arts and we sold out of almost all of the spots for our first month of classes!

    Second, FAA had a booth at the MACROCk XVII label expo which was amazing! It definitely gave us some insight into festivals and how to plan/organize them (maybe FAA Fest will be a thing? who knows...) In any case, it was great to meet some cool people and bands.

    Third, we launched the Summer Series application form for this year! We're really looking forward to hearing from everyone in the area interested in playing. It's going to be really cool this year because we're splitting it up between Market Square and Libertytown Arts so that we can accommodate quieter acts in a more intimate setting! We're alternating them every other week so make sure you don't get confused!

    Fourth, unfortunately our partnership with Horseshoes & Hand Grenades to hold shows there on a regular basis came to an end. It's the end of an era! Anyways, we appreciate all of the great hospitality they've shown us and look forward to working with them on other projects in the future!

This was the poster design class taught by the wonderful Erin Bray! (That's me in the middle in case anyone was wondering.)

Lennon and I setting up at the label expo.

Lennon and I setting up at the label expo.

Velvet Elephant is Lennon Hu (also of Arctic Atlantic and Danner) and Luc Jerndal. Together they make cute ukulele music. 

    Finally (and most importantly in my opinion), we've had a TON of really awesome shows! We've had out of town bands like Typefighter, Alarms & Controls, and The Obsessives as well as some local faves like Raw Feels, The Inflatables, Madonnas in a Field, and Velvet Elephant! Save the Arcadian also had their latest EP (That Bright Tide) release show with our "flagship band" Arctic Atlantic and killed it! We've also seen the triumphant return of FAA's founder... the one, the only, ADAM BRAY return to play his first show in Fredericksburg in FOUR YEARS with his band Calavera Skull!  

    We also have some pretty rad stuff planned out right now! This weekend punk-rock giants TITUS ANDRONICUS are coming back to Fredericksburg! I wasn't there at their last show here but I've heard it was awesome!! Opening for them is J.Flax and the Heart Attacks: Jeremy Flax's long time project (he's FAA Alum, formerly of The Vermilions) and Arctic Atlantic! That's on April 26th. We also have a couple more shows planned but they're not for a while so keep your eyes peeled for them on our Facebook page...

    All in all, its been an awesome few months so stay tuned cause a ton more awesome stuff is on it's way! In the mean time, stay awesome!